#7,080: Tagaytay!

Accessibility from Manila City, the awesome cool breeze, the road trip, the bulalo (beef, bone marrow and vegetable soup), the mushroom burger, the pink sisters, Starbucks with the best ambience, horseback riding and more! The list just goes on and on!

In a congested area like Manila, there is the urge and desire to have a break from such fast-paced city life, a place where one can find tranquility, even just for a while, a recharging platform so to speak. That awesome getaway.

Tagaytay definitely takes out such burn-out feeling.

One of my favorite places in the Philippines! This place is and will always be special for so many reasons:

My very first experience when it comes to horseback riding, Tagaytay is really well known for a filipino kid’s horseback riding experience and expect the Filipino parents having this as part of their itinerary for the love of their kids.

When I was a kid and when my parents were still together, Tagaytay has been our family summer getaway, Taal Vista has been our regular place there, yeah, the cold weather didn’t stop my sister and I from swimming. When I was a kid, I loved taal vista more than tagaytay itself because of the swimming pool haha.

The awesome Taal Volcano (Wont elaborate much because I’ll have a separate entry for this).

The road trip with my dear friends (Insert the craziest stuffs here that happens along the way! Oh well, the joy of road trip and randomness).

The steady moment when all of you are together, having a spectacular view of the taal volcano, holding your cup of cappuccino or bottle of beer. Good times.

Truth is, we all need a break from the crowd, and whether you want to take this break all by yourself, or with your dear family and friends – it’s great to know that there’s this place not too far from Manila where one can find a sweet escape.

Tagaytay – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


#7,081: The Red Horse “Happy Horse” Bottle!

Give way to the happiest horse in the world!

Like some other countries, Philippines has a good set of local beers, internationally recognized, exported in all parts of the world, loved by foreigners who visited the country and abroad. But one of our beers got a very intriguing story behind. A story that amazes each Filipino, or probably just anyone who gets to hear this myth.

Once upon a time, in a far far away land called the Philippines…

Amid those Red Horse Bottles, there’s this one horse out there that looks a bit different, because when every horse shows a poker face, one random horse seems to be getting a lot of fortune, probably this horse has attained the highest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this horse is smiling!

And while everybody in the Philippines knows that the Red Horse beer has an extra strong kick of alcohol, The Red Horse Happy Horse is believed to have a much stronger kick than the rest of its fellas.

Some people say that the manufacturer has a different mix for these selected happy horse bottles, they say the beer inside these red horse bottles are more concentrated. But of course, there is no empirical data presented about this. Only affirmations by the lucky ones who enjoyed the “unique” experience with this Happy Horse.

I personally tried the Happy Horse bottle before, somehow it tasted the same as the rest. Did I feel the stronger kick? Yeah right.

But wait, there’s more….

Around the table with your friends, you can raise your bottle as high as you wanted to boast that you are drinking the most elite horse of them all.

Probably it’s psychological also, the power of the mind, when you’re thinking that such is a very strong beer compared to the rest of its kind, your mind dictates it to your body, hence, making you believe and feel that it really is stronger than the rest.

Whether the beer inside a Happy Horse Bottle is chemically different from the rest, or just an intriguing story that has been going around for like.. forever, screw it and just enjoy  the myth you’ve heard about it, savor this special bottle found only in the Philippines. Aren’t you glad that you are in a country where even a beer icon shows that yes, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

The simple joy of being with your friends while chilling out, becomes even much happier, because there’s this myth and there’s this horse you get to see smiling, should you be the lucky one to get a hold of it.

The Red Horse – Happy Horse Bottle – one simple joy of being a Filipino.