#7,082: Tapsilog Stalls!

One of the best food combinations in the world! A Filipino all-time favorite that truly conquers time, literally.

Much has to be said about food combinations in the Philippines. So let us talk about the very famous one, and the stall where it is proudly being sold.

TAPa (Dried Beef strips) + SInangag (fried rice) + itLOG (sunny side up egg) = TAPSILOG!

(Note: Dearest international readers, TAPSILOG is just one of the many combinations/trio found all together in one stall: Tosilog, Bangsilog, Chicksilog, etc.). All will soon be featured here)

Filipinos’ favorite. Be it for breakfast, for lunch, for afternoon snacks, for dinner, for middle snack, and for the Filipino youth… this is on top of their list whenever they want to eat out with friends after a tiring yet happy chill out or party. Such a flexible food indeed.

The simple joy it brings…

Tapsilog food stalls are just everywhere – from commercialized concepts like Tapa King and S.EX (Sinangag Express) to Hole in the Wall 24 hour-stalls, Tapsilog never fails to amaze one’s appetite. The people in the south of the metro (Paranaque City) knows that aside from Sinangag Express, Don Galo’s is such a famous tapsilog stall. I guess it’s safe to assume that each city in the Philippines has a well-known Tapsilog-an (A filipinos’ way of calling a tapsilog stall) to call their own.

Each Filipino, more or less, has craved for a Tapsilog, once in his or her life. And such craving varies as well. Whether you are a fun a of sweet tapa, a spicy one, or even the unexplainable tapa recipe of your favorite stall. Filipinos play around with the “Sawsawan (Dip)” as well. From ketchup to vinegar with soy sauce to combination of the three to the weirdest dip combination one could create.

What’s good about a Tapsilog stall is you would be able to know the reasons why these customers are eating out there, without even asking:

It probably could be a perfect attendance family that didn’t have a cooked food in their house, hence, the nearest Tapsilog stall saves the day.

In the middle of the afternoon, you might see a group of people wearing corporate attires – then you know they are out for lunch, craving for tapsilog so they decided to run to the nearest tapsilog-an.

12 midnight onwards, it could be a group of friends having a post-party bonding, or cousins who decided to eat out after a house chill, the list goes on.

From Tapsilog concepts found inside the malls or Makati Buildings’ cafeterias to humbling small but terrible tapsilog stalls, this food concept entices Filipinos from all walks of life, for whatever reason that made them crave for it, anytime of the day and night.

Tapsilog stalls – One simple joy of being Filipino.


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