#7,083: It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Philippines’ top grossing film is a comedy film. The longest running noontime show in the country is all about bringing happiness and having fun. Philippines’ famous chicken proudly proclaims to be the happiest: Chickenjoy. Stand-up comedy bars are just everywhere.  Go to public places and you would witness bunch of friends or families laughing and having fun together. For you to hear random laughs anywhere in public is something really common, and the long list just goes on. One great reason why the Philippines is extra special.

A singaporean taxi driver randomly asked me before, in a very light, curious and kind manner: “Why are you Filipinos always laughing and laughing and smiling? Crazy lah. hehe” (Version: Singaporean accent and way of speaking! hoho). Oh well, in spite of the fact that the country has alot of challenges – striving to resolve, there’s this part of each Filipino that has never been broken: the ability to still be happy, to laugh their hearts out, to smile, to have fun – and hey, mind you: Spontaneously and Effortless.

I’ve always been a believer of my country’s awesomeness, so when I came across the video of Secretary Ramon “Mon” Jimenez (Head of the Philippines’ Department of Tourism) few months back about the new campaign that they’re cooking up, I really got so excited and awaited the launching. The long wait’s over, the very pristine tourism slogan was officially launched earlier today. And it says a lot about the Filipinos, it says a lot about how Filipinos handle things, it says a lot about how Filipinos interact, and it says a lot about the 7,107 islands of the country.

So what simple joy the new slogan brings?

It’s just so natural. It makes you think and pause for a while – why is it more fun in the Philippines? It makes you gather your thoughts for you to be able to share the best reply. And truly, you can own it. Every Filipino for sure gets to share thousands of reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Fellow Filipino readers, yes you! – the least thing you can do for your country is to be proud of it. Talk and share why it’s more fun in the Philippines. Dear readers from other countries, the Philippines’ new slogan says it all – It’s more fun in the Philippines. See it for yourself, trust me – you’ll thank me afterwards 🙂

7, 107 islands. Breathtaking natural resources, awesome culture and festivals and considered to have the happiest, friendliest and the most hospitable people in the world.

Philippines’ new tourism campaign – one simple joy of being a Filipino…




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