#7,084: The Filipinos’ way of New Year’s Eve Celebration!

For 24 years, it’s my first time to wake up this morning without hearing any sound I used to hear and somehow expect during the last day of each year. Ooopppsss, Oh well, I woke up in the Lion City where Fireworks are prohibited, where you’re not allowed to just light up that five star anywhere in the street, where there are no busy and noisy neighbors preparing for the new year’s eve with all their torotots, videoke, soundsystem and anything Pinoy. So much as there are 200,000 OFWs here in Singapore, we really had no choice but to visit the areas intended for New Year’s Eve if we really wanted to watch some fireworks and get a feel of how it’s supposed to be and how it is being celebrated in the Philippines.

But it’s not just about the freewill to light up your own fireworks; welcoming a Brand New Year in the Philippines is really irreplaceable because of other simple joys…

In the Philippines, you get to hear different kinds of sounds that are, for some, quite disturbing, but nonetheless, waking up every single cell in your body, reminding you that you are just few hours away from saying goodbye to a year it was and a Hello to an awesome coming new year.

The tradition of having round-shaped fruits, and then there goes our moms, scolding us whenever they see us trying to steal and eat some grapes or oranges, reminding us not to eat it until it’s midnight…

And then there are our grandmothers who are really excited to wear their polka-dots dusters…

There are the coins ready for scattering around the house…

The fountain, the Kwitis, the five star, the bin laden, the sinturon ni hudas (Satan’s belt), bawang (Garlic bomb) and during my time- the watusi, haha!

Then there is SM Mall of Asia’s annual countdown, East Wood, Luneta Park and other recreational areas where you can safely welcome a brand new year.

And for a safer way of celebration at your house – the ever reliable Torotot!

Then you have your neighbors setting up massive sound systems in front of their houses, the videoke, the drinks, the party til down!

The essence of a Family is really felt, that no matter how easy or hard the year it was, you still look forward to a coming year with high hopes and great faith- as a Family and as Filipinos.

I don’t see anything wrong with these practices because it makes the Filipinos’ way of a New Year’s Eve countdown really unique, more fun and crazier than the rest of the world. In a lot ways; I see this as a tradition, a culture, a preservation of our own way of welcoming the New Year, one of kind and really irreplaceable. If you were to ask me, I would say it doesn’t make you less of a person when you exercise these practices, because at the end of the day, what is important is your faith that as you welcome a brand new year with these practices, you welcome this year with so much faith, that it’s going to be another year that you’ll be blessed, loved and guided by our Lord Jesus Christ and awesome God.

The Filipinos’ way of  New Year’s Eve Celebration! – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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