#7,085: The 24th of December, for the Filipinos!

24th of December, few hours left and it’s Noche Buena time!

A very special feast for the Filipinos, one best way to conclude a year “it was,”  celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with your loved ones, 6 days before a brand new year comes.

If you were to ask me, I probably would say that the 24th marks the busiest day ever during December, the last day of “pre-Christmas,” this is when all Filipinos are really wrapping up everything:

Breaking dawn, Filipino parents would wake up, running towards the nearest wet market in the community, getting the ingredients needed for a wonderful Pinoy Noche Buena.

The Filipino Kids are very much excited as they are just few hours away from unwrapping their Christmas gifts… (though a lot of Filipino Kids have already opened their gifts even before Christmas Eve, including the not-so-young too, hoho).

In the morning of the 24th, you get to hear your neighbors playing Christmas Songs, loud and proud. And for your other neighbors, Videoke is up and running too!

For some Filipinos, it’s time to do your very last minute shopping. Take note, you don’t have much time so hurry up, we all know that malls in the Philippines would close earlier than their regular closing time during the 24th.

Food? Whether a Filipino Family has different dishes served on the table, or just a simple set of meals, what is more important for the Filipinos is they celebrate the real spirit of Christmas as a Family.

And since there are a lot of Filipinos around the globe, for some reasons wont be able to go home, we still give thanks because there’s technology to keep us connected with our loved ones.

Much has to be said about a Pinoy Noche Buena, and generally speaking, Christmas in the Philippines. So I’m going to limit what to share, with hopes that by the next coming Christmases, you are still with me reading this blog, as  we celebrate the goodness of Jesus Christ, the greatness of the Philippines as a country, and the Filipinos as a race. And anything and everything in between the Philippines and the Filipinos.

So for now, Happy Christmas everyone, share whatever you have – love, time, hugs, tangible or intangible- we celebrate Christmas because we celebrate the goodness of Jesus Christ, as we should, day by day. And by the goodness of Christ, one thing we can do is to share. In the Philippines, and for the Filipinos, Christ is really remembered, and love is really shared and felt.

The 24th of December, for the Filipinos!  – one simple joy of being a FIlipino


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