#7,089: The Philippines’ Christmas Cool Breeze!

Time to bring out your jackets! Christmas in the Philippines becomes an opportunity to bring out your collection of coats and jackets!

One way to really feel the Christmas in the Philippines, literally, weather becomes colder, especially during nights.

The simple joy of realizing it’s cold, but not too much that it pains your body (like the coldness in other countries). Just the exact coolness the country needs to remind the Filipinos, literally that – hey, It’s Christmas, weather’s cool already!

So it motivates everybody to bond more, to go out, and feel the Christmas season. When you get out during nights, you would see a bunch of friends, or families, each wearing their wonderful jacket. Everybody’s enjoying the coldness together, laughing their hearts out.

Not a white Christmas for sure, never will be, but such coolness of the weather is somehow enough to feel that yes, it’s a wonderful season again, then add the wonderful Filipino smile, and everything else in between. That what makes the Philippines’ Christmas celebration really special.

The Philippines’ Christmas Cool Breeze – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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