#7,091: The Filipinos’ Christmas Caroling! (Musical Instruments)

Need not to buy or look for real musical instruments, in the Philippines, a lot of items you probably thought should just be sent to trash bins could be used as caroling gears!

In #7,092 simple joy, I was comparing my caroling adventure with playmates from two different places – caroling inside a Subdivision and caroling around the Barangay. Time now to appreciate the simple joys when it comes to creating customized musical instruments!

The good thing about my playmates in our subdivision, they had musical instruments toys, so logistics hadn’t been a problem. We got tambourine and drums, instantly! No sweat, not much preparations, not much thrill too.

The resourcefulness I learned from my Barangay playmates, no financial capital! Need not to buy those toys, just a combination of human capital and social capital…

Together, we would use empty milk cans – put a plastic on its mouth, seal it with a rubber band, and poof – instant drum! The drumstick? Barbeque stick is okay!

What more? We can also make a tambourine! My playmates and I would go to a Sari Sari (Variety) Store and collect empty soft drink crowns scattered around the store, we’ll flatten it, put a hole in the middle, and put it all together in a galvanized wire (“Alambre” is the Filipino term) and there it goes, instant tambourine!

When everything has been created, it’s time for sound check and rehearsal! Yes, we would even assess the sound of our milk can drums to know if it blends well with our wonderful voices. Sometimes, the thickness or even thinness of the plastic that was used could affect the sound, and it takes a well-experienced caroling playmate to know the beauty of its sound, and that well experienced playmate will be the one to add more rubber bands or totally change the plastic.

And with all those instruments up and running, be it a ready made toy drums set or a customized tambourine, the Filipino kids are ready to sing their hearts out and bring the warmth of Christmas – right in front of the Filipino homes.

The Filipinos’ Christmas Caroling! (Musical Instruments) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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