#7,092: The Filipinos’ Christmas Caroling! (Venue)

If there’s another reason why Filipino kids really look forward to celebrating Christmas, it’s because of this simple joy, their Version of Christmas Caroling!

And as early as September, you will encounter Filipino Kids approaching your home , singing their excellent track of Christmas songs…

I grew up in two different places, in a subdivision (when my Dad and Mom were still together, somewhere in Paranaque) and in one of the Barangays (smallest administrative division in the Philippines) in Pasig, when I was brought by my mom to my grandmother’s place. By experience, let me share the simple joys of conducting a caroling in these target markets, a comparison of the Barangay and Subdivision potentials:

Initial action:

Barangay-  Just focus and listen if there’s someone inside the house, listen if there’s a television currently running, or  if the lights were on, or the voices of the family members.

Subdivision – There’s doorbell my dear,so press it and wait for the maid to come out – and yes, she has standard instructions – if her boss gave her a budget for the christmas caroling, then no worries, you just have to sing in front of her. OR if her boss is currently inside, then you have to sing and she will approach her boss.

Your track of Christmas songs:

Barangay – you need to complete the entire set of songs your group has prepared. Sing as loud as you can, sing every Christmas song you know, they need to feel and see your group’s dedication, and for some who will make fun of you, they will even look for some actions, or even dancing. Sometimes they would show a bigger amount of money, and with that, you have to sing whatever song they will request.

Subdivision: just a few stanzas would do, english please, no sweat, the lowest you can get is 20 pesos.

Assessing your target market:

Barangay: My friends and I will assess the houses, sometimes we even check it with other groups as to how’s the business doing in such houses.

Subdivision: ain’t skipping any house, every house in a subdivision offers endless possibilities, the potential is just so huge =)

Funny how kids in the Philippines learn business assessment at such age. Take it from me. more to come about this simple joy. watch out!

The Filipinos’ Christmas Caroling (Venue) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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