#7,093: The Filipinos’ Christmas Star, Parol!

I actaully planned to share the pinoy simple joys Christmas edition last December 1, but since much has been said about our dear Filipino Barbers, we had a lil’ delay for such edition.  So here it is now, the Christmas edition of simple joys!  And the best way to start this is by pointing out the simple joys we can get from our very own star-shaped Christmas lantern- The Filipinos’ Christmas Star, Parol!

This has been a traditional decoration for Filipinos during Christmas. In the Philippines, when the calendar hits the “ber” months (starting September), expect that you will get to see Christmas decorations everywhere. The Filipinos’ Christmas celebration is considered to have the  longest celebration in the world, three months before December and you can feel the mood of Christmas already. And yes, the Parol, worthy of its symbol, as a star, really becomes a star during this season. This lantern is always part of the Christmas decoration plan of every Filipino family, and not just for families, but also for the local government units, schools and other establishments.

The simple joys we get from a Filipino Parol…

We all know that as the Christmas season starts, the Parol Making contest everywhere also starts. Be it in schools,or in Barangays (smallest administrative division in the Philippines), villages or companies, The Parol Making Contest has been a default contest already. Thanks to this contest, imaginations really become wild. A parol made of soda cans to parols made of paper plates, Filipinos become very creative and resourceful. And it only takes just this contest for us to realize that the shells of mussels (tahong) can still be recycled to become a Star. Simple joy!

To see a Christmas Parol as early as September really hits you- yes, it’s Christmas already in the Philippines. It’s everywhere! all sizes and all colors. Need not to look for those massive decorations come December, because for Filipinos, one small star-shaped lantern is enough for us to feel a simple joy – it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

One spectacular symbol, twinkling during nights everywhere in the Philippines, it comes with all sizes and colors, it guided the three kings before to reach the King of all kings. And for the Filipinos, this traditonal symbol serves such purpose – A guiding light, an encouragement, for one’s hopes and dreams. And that the real Star of this season will always be there for us.

The Philippines Christmas Lantern, Parol – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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