#7,094: The Filipino Barbers (Set 3)

In our 3rd and final set for the Filipino Barbers, let’s talk about the other simple joys we get from them…

Who wouldn’t expect a massage afterwards? In the Philippines, the Barbers are masseurs too! So after the haircut service itself, the Filipino Barbers will help you loosen up thru their great hands-on treatment on your back. You didn’t ask for it, in fact, you only did pay for the haircut, but there he is, so nice of him, and with all his kindness, will help you relieve the pain. He offers it for free, with high hopes that you’re satisfied as you will come back again after a month. Haircut with massage? Simple Joy!

A Filipino Barbers Shop will always have a television inside. It somehow reveals the personality of the group of Filipino Barbers inside. How one reacts on a current tv program. It brings entertainment, for these barbers and for us, thier clients. So you’re so busy listening to your barber’s reactions and comments and the next thing you know, your haircut service has been completed already. Pay for a haircut service in the Philippines, and you get more than that – probably a good laugh or an acceptable insight. Simple joy!

Powder splash! I guess the Filipino Barbers have an issue with powder. For some reasons, they put alot of it on our backs and necks after the haircut service. If they were deprived from using it back when they were kids, that I really don’t know.  They put more than our body mass could take, so we go home with this scent like a 1 year old who just had a diaper replacement. Simple joy!

The simple joys, while there are alot of high end salons in the Philippines, it’s always good to take note of the simple joys we can get from a low-profile barbers shop with the great barbers in the world, these Filipino barbers who give more than what you’ve paid for.

The Filipino Barbers (Set 3) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


2 thoughts on “#7,094: The Filipino Barbers (Set 3)

  1. That’s why I always like Pinoy barber even here in SG. At the advent of parloristas cutting men’s hair, I stuck with the “barbers”. It’s not about discrimination, but barbers do it differently. Specially that my hair sports the 1-millimeter cut (Uno) 🙂

    May I share a related post. I prefer the barbero but there’s one woman who outperformed all of them: http://robaminute.wordpress.com/2011/04/08/the-woman-who-cuts-my-hair-is-in-love-with-me/

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