#7,095: The Filipino Barbers (Set 2)

Let’s talk about the well-known phrases derived from the Filipino Barbers:

(Photo courtesy of filipinolifeinpictures)

The first common expression is what we always say to our dear family members or friends after their haircut service: “Uy bagong gupit, buhay pa?” (Wow newly trimmed hair, how’s the barber, still alive?). This speaks about two things, either your new hairstyle is really outstanding or it could be the worst, in both ways, we credit it to the Filipino Barbers, yes, and for that matter we try to assume that they almost died because of the new haircut of our dear family members or friends.

“Kwentong Barbero” (A Barber’s Story) has been a well-known line when it comes to conversations. We say it in reply to friends who share some stories probably we find to be half-truth, or absurd at all. But more than being a pick up line, it reminds us that such phrase has been established as a proof that the Filipino Barbers are the most expressive barbers in the World – Priceless conversations, it’s for you to believe though.

These phrases have been used by almost every Filipino during conversations. Two very simple phrases we owe from the best barbers in the world, and the most talkative too.

The Filipino Barbers (Set 2) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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