#7,096: The Filipino Barbers (Set 1)

Talk about anything goes-conversations while having your haircut? Nothing beats having it done in the Philippines!

(Photo courtesy of Panoramio)

A 20 minute-haircut would take the Filipino barbers about 40 minutes if you were to include their extra curricular activities as such:

Once in awhile pause to watch a basketball game of their favorite team on tv…

Totally stops the trimming when the teleserye (Filipino drama tv series) reaches its climax for that episode. And then it results to conversations – your Filipino barber would sometimes ask you: what do you think would happen next? Or “I knew it! I was expecting that to happen… etc.” And yes, you can feel his emotions as if he’s part of the drama series.

He suddenly becomes an activist or a politician while he’s trimming your hair, when he hears some bad news, you will suddenly become his shock absorber with his comments on current events.

Yet he never fails to ensure that you like what you’re seeing in the mirror as he trims your hair, even if it takes a lil’ longer.

I’ve visited some barber shops here in Singapore, the cut’s okay, not much connection and conversations with the barbers though (probably because of communication barrier). So an Overseas Filipino Worker like me would definitely miss his Filipino Barber back in the Philippines. His Filipino barber who shares thoughts by free choice. One who gives his “two cents” about anything. And hey, it need not to happen after several visits, any Filipino barber even just for the first time of his service to you will definitely share something, beyond hairstyles.

The Filipino Barbers (Set 1) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


One thought on “#7,096: The Filipino Barbers (Set 1)

  1. I usually go to those $10 for 10-minute haircut kiosks. Women barbers are more ‘chatty’ than the men. Latter don’t chat at all.

    What I miss with the barber shops in the Philippines, they’re cheap! And they give you free massages after. 🙂

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