#7,097: Duyan (Hammock)!

This is something you can find even in other countries, but wait, there’s our own version of duyan (hammock)!

(Duyan, our photo above was taken @ Anawangin, Zambales Philippines, 2010)

While we do have a duyan (hammock) made of the common materials, we are also very resourceful in coming up with one, some Filipinos would use their bed sheets and look for two sturdy points, wide enough to do a 180 degree-sway, and there it goes – Pinoy duyan!

The simple joy…

If you really look around, you actually can get to see a duyan somewhere…

A taxi driver will suddenly park in front of a lot with some trees to set up a duyan for a power nap…

A tricycle driver while waiting for his turn to accommodate passengers in their terminal…

After a busy day in a wet or dry market, you get to see some of the vendors having this as their sleeping spot.

I believe you’ve tried using duyan (hammock) even once in your life? One way to relax, but the feeling that it might break anytime is always there, right? So you just enjoy every sway, while the motion is still there.

And yes, better to use it with someone, or friends, so as to help you maneuver the motion, to swing it for you.

And speaking of friends – when with friends, you know that using it has a maximum time as everybody wants to experience it. So after 5-10 minutes, you will suddenly hear one of your friends saying: “hoy ako naman, kanina ka pa dyan! Pa-experience!” (hey, it’s my turn, you’ve been there for quite awhile, lemme feel it! hoho)

So you give way to a friend, or a brother, or a dear person for them to enjoy what you’ve just enjoyed. The simple joy of sharing is there, even if you’re not so satisfied because of a quick usage.

And for every sway, while your eyes are closed, you get to gather your thoughts about something, or someone.

Duyan (Hammock) – one simple joy of being Filipino.

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