#7,098: The Filipinos’ Version of Playing in the Rain! (Set 3)

Who says playing in the rain is only for kids? Not in the Philippines!

There’s this common expression in the Philippines – “Trip trip lang” (an informal Tagalog-English expression which means, “Just for Fun!”) And for the not so young Filipinos, playing in the rain best suits this expression!  “Tara, ligo sa ulan, trip trip lang!” (Something to this effect: Let’s go, take a bath in the rain, just for fun!)

So what simple joy it brings?

For the not-so-young-Filipinos, it brings out the kid in us, we all know that, there’s always a part of you who wants to be a kid again, probably just to play the games you did back when you were a kid. Thanks to “Trip trip lang” and to your dear friends, your longing to play in the rain like a kid could be done even without being judged. In the Philippines, when we get to see sets of friends who are doing something not suited for their age, you know what to say- “lakas ng trip ng mga to!” (To this effect: What a crazy action just to have fun!)

The not-so-young-Filinos as the crowd…

When the Filipino kids play in the rain, expect that they have an audience too. Yes, the not so young Filipinos  are somewhere along the street. They are the guys who will laugh while you mess around with the other kids. Probably give  instructions like – “go get the watergun and shoot him” or “drag him and put him inside the drum!” hoho. Good times.

Playing in the rain in the Philippines, that is regardless of how old a Filipino may look like! Once in awhile, it’s good to bring out the kids in us. One of the many good things about the Filipino race, we can make any situation a fun one, as long as everybody goes all out – “Trip trip lang!”

Playing in the rain, the Filipinos’ way (Set 3)  – one simple joy of being a Filipino.

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One thought on “#7,098: The Filipinos’ Version of Playing in the Rain! (Set 3)

  1. Haha I was expecting a different entry for the ‘Set 3’, more on the sweet and romantic side. LOL!

    Playing in the rain also can also be an avenue for bonding (between friends and lovers), letting loose of oneself and making others let loose of themselves as well. 🙂

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