#7,099: The Filipinos’ version of playing in the rain! (Set 2)

More simple joys in the rain, for Filipino kids!


Playing in the rain wouldn’t be complete without the paper boat race! So we will get our own pad papers, create our paper boats and proceed to our race track, which happens to be the canal again! (the second time I mentioned  a canal related activity, now you know the importance of a canal when it rains! hoho)

This one’s really crazy – The exposure game – so we will lay down our bodies in the middle of the road, we will open our mouth and eyes,  and catch the drops of rain. Yes, the last one who coughs or chokes or withstands the pain, is the winner.

And what I like about an almost over phase of playing in the rain is the moment when my playmates and I will just sit down on the sidewalk’s gutter and talk about the things we did (evaluation? hoho) until we’ve been talking about other topics already. Little did we know that the rain’s over and our mothers are calling us to wash up (“Banlaw” is the Filipino term).

Whenever it rains, and I get to see a street canal, when I look at it now as a 24 year old man – it really looks disgusting, obviously, with the color of the water and the other particles that come with it. And then I am reminded how it played an important role whenever we’re in the rain, as kids back then. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for cleanliness and being healthy, but taking it from my childhood experience, I’d  really like to believe in the saying – “Kids should be clean enough to be healthy, but sometimes dirty enough to be happy.”

So what happens during the wash up? And what about the playing in the rain for the not so young Filipinos? Watch out for these two topics in our final set of this simple Filipino joy.

Playing in the rain, the Filipinos’ way  (Set 2) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.



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