#7,100: The Filipinos’ version of Playing in the Rain! (Set 1)

One way of a random Filipino bonding. Let’s recall our very own version. Going all out with your siblings, cousins, or friends in the rain! The Filipino way!

(photo courtesy of: filipinolifeinpictures)

Some parents don’t allow their children to play in the rain, for some reasons: (1) you’ll get sick ; (2) behind their minds “I was not allowed by your grandparents before so I wont allow you as well;” (3) The rain is dirty etc.,  and a lot of other reasons.

I am lucky enough because I’ve had supportive parents when it comes to this type of playing. When I was younger, whenever there’s rain, I’ve always asked my mom to allow me to play in the rain, and she did, more often than not. The instances I remembered that I was not allowed to play were only: (1) there were thunders and lightning. (2) It’s a typhoon. (3)The rain was a bit scary, I myself didn’t even dare to play.

So what simple joy it brings?

For Filipino kids, the imagination becomes crazy during these times. It could be a fighting scenario in the rain where one of your playmates must be saved from the villains, well, it just adds drama playing those roles, together with the punching and kicking.

Yoga! When I was a kid, my playmates and I were really fascinated with waterfalls. So when it rains, we would imagine the rain spouts as waterfalls, yes, except that it comes with dried leaves and s**ts of cats. We have our designated rain spouts, sit down there, eyes closed and just concentrate. Until we feel the coldness and the pain of the water coming down to our heads, only then that we will decide to change the game.

This one made my mom really angry – sleeping in the rain. So my friends and I will lay down our bodies beside the street, which happens to be the canal, and feel the rush of the strong waters with some particles I didn’t bother to check that time. With eyes closed, the feeling was like this phrase – “life, bring it on!” Then this climax will be disrupted by my mom – “Ian!!! madumi  dyan, tumayo ka, tatamaan ka saken!!!! (It’s dirty there, stand up or else I’ll spank you).” So the poor me will just utter, till I feel you again Life! Hoho.

It was all for fun. For the sake of laughing, and making our imaginations, a bit closer to reality.

(two more sets for this simple joy coming soon, yes, this simple joy comes in a trilogy)

Playing in the rain, the Filipinos’ way (set 1) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


3 thoughts on “#7,100: The Filipinos’ version of Playing in the Rain! (Set 1)

  1. I like the picture, pwedeng panlaban! You got a rich imagination and memory….I never thought about writing this thing…yah, you’re right there are lots of thing can be said about the rain….

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