#7,101: All-time favorite Pancit Canton!

Lucky Me Pancit Canton!

The Philippines’ All-time favorite instant “Merienda” (Snack).

The Photo above was taken earlier, it was actually my pm snack. Yes, our house here somewhere in the north of Singapore feels like a Filipino home. Aside from a 100% Filipino occupancy members and “The Filipino Channel,” we were able to keep simple Filipino joys here, one of which, the Pancit Canton =) Wondering how we were able to have this here? (I believe this practice is being done by every Overseas Filipino Worker who goes back to the Philippines for a short vacation, just expect that when he/she returns back to his/her country of work, the luggage has a lot of Filipino food inside, simple joys!)

Pancit Canton is such a flexible Filipino snack:  you can eat it with bread, eat it with rice. For some, they actually invented their own version of cooking it. An instant with a twist. I remember my half-Filipino half-Japanese friend who cooks it as a yakisoba. Actually, it’s their family’s specialty: specialty at its simplest form! When they boil it on water, her family has measured the exact amount of water that just dries up while cooking it but reaches the ideal softness that it should be, then they put egg. She said it’s a yakisoba already, so I just supported her for it, we were younger then.

The simple joy it brings in random moments…

When after school, and you and your friends decided to hang out in somebody’s house, this is a top pick food option just to get through the “eating” part.

When it’s weekend and all your family members are in the house and there’s nothing to eat at 5pm, you’d probably check your kitchen cabinets and look for Pancit Canton or run to Sari-Sari/Variety Store to get one (Our #7,107th simple joy).

To sum it up, well you wont really see this in special occasions, but definitely it’s always part of the Filipinos’ snack list on a daily basis, whether you’re just starving while home alone, or with your dear family or friends while watching a tv program, trust that there’s a 3-minute instant food to save you in the Philippines. Lucky you =)

Lucky Me Pancit Canton – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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