#7,102: Pinoy Pedicab!

Pinoy pedal power!

I got some friends whose houses for us to reach needed this wonderful form of transportation. So I can say how it really feels to regularly use this especially when I was in Highschool/Secondary School.

The Pedicab is also used in some other parts of the world, however, when you take a look at their pedicabs, it seems like it’s too “commercialized.” Ours is much exciting for some reasons…

Who says it can’t be too personal? There are 4 ways to identify that it’s a Pinoy Pedicab –

One: Manong (A term for Filipino men who are old) might just be your zodiac partner! Yes, his pedicab bears a zodiac sign, just verify if it’s really his, because it might be his wife’s zodiac sign.

Two: Still need more collections of Bugs Bunny? A Pinoy Pedicab sometimes would have Cartoon Characters together with the names of Manong’s dear children. Wanna have a Bugs Bunny bonding with Manong’s children? Why not?

Three: Do you need a lucky set of numbers for lottery? Need not to wait for it to appear in your dreams, just look for pedicabs and write down the numbers! Some Pinoy Pedicabs would have a “lucky” number with a nickname above it. If it’s a jersey number of Manong back when he was a Basketball Star, or a Monthsary date with his first ex-giirlfriend, that, I really don’t know.

Four: And Lastly, my favorite, the “Surname” of Manong, proudly printed on the front/back part of his Pedicab. What more? The word “Family” comes after the “Surname.” Just these two words, yet enough to keep him going.

#4 reminds us that with every kick of Manong-“just for us”-his passengers to reach our destinations will definitely result to a tiring day for him. His muscles are in pain for sure, but his heart  with simple joy, because he brings another meal to his family’s table, with all those kickin’!

Pinoy Pedicab – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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