#7,103: Green Cross Alcohol

Oopppsss… Ain’t  a Red Cross Competitor.

Proudly made in the Philippines, the Green Cross Alcohol! If you were a Filipino kid, this is the last thing you want to see when wounded! This green bottle makes the Filipino kids go crazy. They would cry out loud as if putting it on their wounds would end their lives.

The simple joy it brings?

Let’s talk about the “on-the-spot nurses and rescuers and the curious crowd” in the scenario when we’re wounded…

Our dearest siblings. A rejoicing moment for them.  When we were kids, one time I remember my sister at her happiest while she’s watching our mom curing my wound with the Green cross touch. Mind you, she has her words of encouragement for me too – “awwww….saket!” (painful!). Worth watching indeed for her – my physical pain, her joy.

Yet our siblings are at their sweetest when they help give out their natural air from lungs and blow it to our wounds to lessen the pain. More often, I remember my sister doing this to me=)

Our Moms. Using this famous green bottle brings joy to them because thru this, they get a certain level of comfort that next time, we’ll be extra careful  about our actions or else, feel again the 70% Solution of the Green Cross Alcohol on your wound!

Oh yes, the Green cross scenario reminds us that there’s a family to pick you up whenever you fall on your knees. Physically and beyond=)

So what happens after a Green Cross touch? Oh well, if the Green Cross Alcohol was a pick-up line, then I think the best line that suits it would be from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith…

“Who’s your Daddy now?”

Green Cross Alcohol – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


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