#7,104: Taho – Taaahoooooo (Soya)

Taaahooooooo! (Taho: Soya)

Talk about voice modulation? This guy’s going to wake you up from sleeping!

The Philippines’ own version of  Soya Drink, brought to you right in front of your house by no less than a nice Kuya (Kuya is a Filipino term for older brother, generally being used by young Filipinos as a sign of respect to men a bit older than their age).

More or less, this was part of many Filipinos’ morning routines back when they were much younger.

So what simple joy it brings?

We get to drink this using our very own cups. When you were a kid, you used to have a cup or mug for drinking anything. Nobody else can use it except you, right?  (Mine was a “Year 2000 Olympics version of mickey mouse” mug. Beat that!)

The weird thing that I like about buying a Taho (Soya) is the part when “Kuya” removes the excess water from the drum of soya before he scoops the actual Soya. And It’s weird because I always wished that there were more water to remove. I just loved watching the way he carefully scoops the water and splashes it near my feet =)

Skills unleashed by this simple joy…

From “Kuya” and his “Taho” we learned to be attentive while doing other stuffs in the morning. You know you have to get ready to go out once you’ve heard the special voice and the magic word.

Maybe we just didn’t notice but this simple joy was also a training ground to develop our sense of preparedness – I’m pretty much sure you had the empty mugs on the dining table and the coins for payment on stand by while waiting for that magic sound=)

To a certain extent, the basics of sound we learned from this. The difference between a fast approaching sound and a sound that is slowly fading. And if sometimes your situation falls on the 2nd one, you alredy know what to do – Run and catch up with Kuya, for the love of Taho (Soya).

More than the simple joy we get from buying and drinking Taho (Soya), everyday, for each cup served by our very hardworking peddler, a rewarding joy he feels as well, because he gets to support the needs of his wife and children – in a noble way, one serving at a time.

Taho (Soya) (Taahhoooooo) – One simple joy of being a Filipino.


19 thoughts on “#7,104: Taho – Taaahoooooo (Soya)

  1. Sometimes I missed having taho in the morning. So since I’m miles away from home. I bought tofu in the Chinese Supermarket in Manchester. Then I make may own caramel at home and add sago. Ohh ha para na rin akong nasa Pinas. Pa taho-taho kahit isang beses sa tatlong buwan. Solve na!

  2. so true! When I was living in Manila pursuing my masters, every morning, i have a taho bought. Sarap kasi. Bihira nga lang taho sa probinsya namin. I love the way you write and one that gives us a picture of your longings of home while overseas.

    Salamat po!

  3. you are right especially in the listening part. Talagang mayroong analysis kung malayo na o malapit na ang magtataho sa kanyang boses. mahilig din kami sa taho, in fact, isa yan sa almusal ko sa work. yung init at tamis kasi nya sakto na pantagal ng antok at gutom sa morning rush. hehehe

    pero wag ka kahit gaganyan-ganyan sila malakas ang kanilang kita at mayroon pang iba nakakapagpatos ng pag-aaral ng mga anak dahil sa pagtitinda ng taho.

    o nga pala , sila lang yung pure voice ang pantawag compare sa nagtitinda ng puto, mangga, sorbetes, at binatog.

  4. taho reminds me of my childhood back home .like you i am also fascianted by the way magtataho scoops the water from the taho and just flashes it along the road.
    nicely written post.

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