#7,105: VIDEOKE!

Every Filipino knows where this question usually appears:

“Are you having fun?”

And I bet you also remembered Interlude? (and once in your life you’ve asked yourself or your dear friends – what is an interlude? Or even who is he/she?)

There are only 2 kinds of Filipino Singers, those who are gifted to really sing on stage-admired by the crowd-always a singing contest finalist, etc., and those who are happy enough to sing because there’s a special occasion. Consider me a solid member of the latter one.

When there is a special occasion for a family or a group of friends in the Philippines, especially if it’s an out of town thing, this one’s a must. Disregard this and you will definitely hear a lot of complaints: how come there’s no videoke here? Or when you’re about to finalize the venue, there’s always this important reminder: Make sure there’s Videoke.

Browse on the Philippines resorts packages that are advertised in the web and you’ll realize that each always comes with a videoke.

So what’s with a videoke for our country?

When everybody’s into videoke, it just levels out the playing field, the pressure of having a wonderful voice isn’t much of a big deal, expect some criticisms though. Even the person who has the worst voice in the group might just get a score of 100 in a videoke. This singing stint boosts the morale of the 2nd kind of Filipino singers.

In a filipino-videoke-bonding, it isn’t about the voice,  just a simple joy of being together felt by everybody and that you’re accepted to get a score of 100, whether you deserve it or not.

Videoke – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


5 thoughts on “#7,105: VIDEOKE!

    1. onga, I remember my tito who passed away, isa sa mga huling habilen niya was to have a karaoke sa burol nia, gusto niya kase masaya yung set-up. Walang pinipiling lugar ang videoke for pinoys! haha. Salamat parekoy sa pagdaan dito! Sa uuliten!

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