Who didn’t like Chickenjoy?

There’s this classic spoof about McDonald’s saying “We are number one in the world, except in the Philippines where we cannot beat that Bee”

But before you read on, just a disclaimer – I am in no way affiliated with  Jollibee or McDonald’s. This is purely based on a personal experience. In all honesty, I love the fries of McDonald’s more than Jollibee’s, but as much as I love their fries, Jollibee’s chicken joy is simply the best.

Here in Singapore, chicken is such a normal thing – fried, grilled, hainanese etc. and for 9 months now, I haven’t found yet a chicken here that can surpass the taste of my dear country’s pinoy pride chicken. Don’t get me wrong, the taste of their chicken here is interesting, but there’s something about Chickenjoy that really gives you “joy.”

Crispy. Juicy. And that aroma, over the years, has never changed. My generation grew up knowing the exact aroma of Chickenjoy, the way it tastes like when freshly served or the way it is if you failed to eat it just after it was served.

And you know what pains a filipino while eating chicken joy? When he or she runs out of the gravy. Their signature gravy simply is the soul of this wonderful dish. I would rather not eat a Chickenjoy if doesn’t come with the gravy.

So what is it that really brings joy to this chicken? It has been a notion already by Filipino parents to say to their children – “be good and we’ll go to Jollibee” or “study hard and we’ll eat Chickenjoy.” The motivation of this chicken to the Filipino people specifically to kids is enormous. And what brings more joy to this simple joy of ours? We love eating Chickenjoy because we eat it together with our loved ones. So together we share, we celebrate and we appreciate it’s unique taste – as a family. Because more than how delicious a meal is, even if it’s a world’s best, probably a Michelin awarded recipe, it’s nothing if you weren’t with your loved ones to share it with.

That what makes chickenjoy extra special – the people you are with while eating it.

The Chickenjoy – one simple joy of being a Filipino.


13 thoughts on “#7,106: CHICKENJOY

  1. There was a time way back in college when me and my buddies would compare expensive gadgets that we don’t have to the number of chicken joy you could buy with that amount. ; )

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