The reason behind.

Let’s just say that one good advantage of working away from your own country is you get to do things you weren’t able to do back when you were home. You get to do things the way you somehow planned it to be. While nothing beats “randomness” as I believe it really is one great way to make life even more exciting, having planned activities could be as gratifying as random moments are. I think the golden rule to make things as gratifying as possible, whether it’s random or planned is just simple – do it with love. And since I want to maintain a blog as an Overseas Filipino Worker, I want to share something bigger than myself, and definitely I want to do it with love. Sometimes, it’s only when you are away from something that makes it more special and worth remembering. Nothing beats sharing about a place that molded you to become who you are right now and the nostalgic moments you’ve had growing up in that place, hence, you are reading this – 7,107 simple joys of being Filipino.

Why 7,107?

Since the Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands, I just thought that I could share 7,107 simple joys of being a Filipino, probably if it’s only about simple joys, I know it can be more, but as we set standards and goals in life to make it more realistic and to give us a sense of accomplishment, let me just stick to 7,107 reasons.

7,107  simple joys of being a Filipino. If you are a filipino who has a lot of wonderful experiences growing up in the Philippines OR of a different nationality who is interested to know more about the country’s “anything & everything,” then this site’s for you. Proudly shared one simple joy at a time.


12 thoughts on “The reason behind.

  1. you have good mission for this blog and i wish you never stop doing this even something or someone makes you feel that this is valueless.

    Keep this blogpost as your inspiration or motivation so if the time comes that you feel frustrated or losing you passion you can always go back to your purpose. you’re are blogging because you are responsible motivated invaluable Filipino BLOGGER.

    keep it up and mabuhay!

  2. One important thing of being away is for you to learn how that country became like what it is now. The way people became successful which in return also made their country successful.

    A good idea to share…hope the 7,107 could doubleXmore as you go on…

  3. What a very nice concept for a blog! I am a Filipino expat working mostly in Africa, and I must say your posts gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I will definitely come back for more, especially when homesickness hits me. Great job!

    I have a blog too. If you’ve time, please check out:


    1. Thanks Ms. Reiza! Wow, your place of work is interesting! so what do you do there if I may ask? Thanks for your kind words! I’ve visited your site, great sections! Enjoyed reading it, especially the dream destinations!

  4. I was thinking that you’re posting someones blog in your FB statuses….not until today. Then to my surprise you are the sole writer! Good Job Ian! Now I’m inspired to continue my blog, which, unfortunately, was just hidden in the net over 3 years ago! Lol

  5. Very nice articles. Brought me back to my own childhood and made me realise why i am what i am now. Im a writer now, and im doing some research for my latest work about Pinoy christmas when i came across your blogs. Then I just kept on reading your other articles. I enjoy every memory it brought back with. Thank you very much. Hope you continue writing about the simple joys of being a Filipino. 🙂

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