#7,097: Duyan (Hammock)!

This is something you can find even in other countries, but wait, there’s our own version of duyan (hammock)!

(Duyan, our photo above was taken @ Anawangin, Zambales Philippines, 2010)

While we do have a duyan (hammock) made of the common materials, we are also very resourceful in coming up with one, some Filipinos would use their bed sheets and look for two sturdy points, wide enough to do a 180 degree-sway, and there it goes – Pinoy duyan!

The simple joy…

If you really look around, you actually can get to see a duyan somewhere…

A taxi driver will suddenly park in front of a lot with some trees to set up a duyan for a power nap…

A tricycle driver while waiting for his turn to accommodate passengers in their terminal…

After a busy day in a wet or dry market, you get to see some of the vendors having this as their sleeping spot.

I believe you’ve tried using duyan (hammock) even once in your life? One way to relax, but the feeling that it might break anytime is always there, right? So you just enjoy every sway, while the motion is still there.

And yes, better to use it with someone, or friends, so as to help you maneuver the motion, to swing it for you.

And speaking of friends – when with friends, you know that using it has a maximum time as everybody wants to experience it. So after 5-10 minutes, you will suddenly hear one of your friends saying: “hoy ako naman, kanina ka pa dyan! Pa-experience!” (hey, it’s my turn, you’ve been there for quite awhile, lemme feel it! hoho)

So you give way to a friend, or a brother, or a dear person for them to enjoy what you’ve just enjoyed. The simple joy of sharing is there, even if you’re not so satisfied because of a quick usage.

And for every sway, while your eyes are closed, you get to gather your thoughts about something, or someone.

Duyan (Hammock) – one simple joy of being Filipino.

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#7,098: The Filipinos’ Version of Playing in the Rain! (Set 3)

Who says playing in the rain is only for kids? Not in the Philippines!

There’s this common expression in the Philippines – “Trip trip lang” (an informal Tagalog-English expression which means, “Just for Fun!”) And for the not so young Filipinos, playing in the rain best suits this expression!  “Tara, ligo sa ulan, trip trip lang!” (Something to this effect: Let’s go, take a bath in the rain, just for fun!)

So what simple joy it brings?

For the not-so-young-Filipinos, it brings out the kid in us, we all know that, there’s always a part of you who wants to be a kid again, probably just to play the games you did back when you were a kid. Thanks to “Trip trip lang” and to your dear friends, your longing to play in the rain like a kid could be done even without being judged. In the Philippines, when we get to see sets of friends who are doing something not suited for their age, you know what to say- “lakas ng trip ng mga to!” (To this effect: What a crazy action just to have fun!)

The not-so-young-Filinos as the crowd…

When the Filipino kids play in the rain, expect that they have an audience too. Yes, the not so young Filipinos  are somewhere along the street. They are the guys who will laugh while you mess around with the other kids. Probably give  instructions like – “go get the watergun and shoot him” or “drag him and put him inside the drum!” hoho. Good times.

Playing in the rain in the Philippines, that is regardless of how old a Filipino may look like! Once in awhile, it’s good to bring out the kids in us. One of the many good things about the Filipino race, we can make any situation a fun one, as long as everybody goes all out – “Trip trip lang!”

Playing in the rain, the Filipinos’ way (Set 3)  – one simple joy of being a Filipino.

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#7,099: The Filipinos’ version of playing in the rain! (Set 2)

More simple joys in the rain, for Filipino kids!


Playing in the rain wouldn’t be complete without the paper boat race! So we will get our own pad papers, create our paper boats and proceed to our race track, which happens to be the canal again! (the second time I mentioned  a canal related activity, now you know the importance of a canal when it rains! hoho)

This one’s really crazy – The exposure game – so we will lay down our bodies in the middle of the road, we will open our mouth and eyes,  and catch the drops of rain. Yes, the last one who coughs or chokes or withstands the pain, is the winner.

And what I like about an almost over phase of playing in the rain is the moment when my playmates and I will just sit down on the sidewalk’s gutter and talk about the things we did (evaluation? hoho) until we’ve been talking about other topics already. Little did we know that the rain’s over and our mothers are calling us to wash up (“Banlaw” is the Filipino term).

Whenever it rains, and I get to see a street canal, when I look at it now as a 24 year old man – it really looks disgusting, obviously, with the color of the water and the other particles that come with it. And then I am reminded how it played an important role whenever we’re in the rain, as kids back then. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for cleanliness and being healthy, but taking it from my childhood experience, I’d  really like to believe in the saying – “Kids should be clean enough to be healthy, but sometimes dirty enough to be happy.”

So what happens during the wash up? And what about the playing in the rain for the not so young Filipinos? Watch out for these two topics in our final set of this simple Filipino joy.

Playing in the rain, the Filipinos’ way  (Set 2) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.



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#7,100: The Filipinos’ version of Playing in the Rain! (Set 1)

One way of a random Filipino bonding. Let’s recall our very own version. Going all out with your siblings, cousins, or friends in the rain! The Filipino way!

(photo courtesy of: filipinolifeinpictures)

Some parents don’t allow their children to play in the rain, for some reasons: (1) you’ll get sick ; (2) behind their minds “I was not allowed by your grandparents before so I wont allow you as well;” (3) The rain is dirty etc.,  and a lot of other reasons.

I am lucky enough because I’ve had supportive parents when it comes to this type of playing. When I was younger, whenever there’s rain, I’ve always asked my mom to allow me to play in the rain, and she did, more often than not. The instances I remembered that I was not allowed to play were only: (1) there were thunders and lightning. (2) It’s a typhoon. (3)The rain was a bit scary, I myself didn’t even dare to play.

So what simple joy it brings?

For Filipino kids, the imagination becomes crazy during these times. It could be a fighting scenario in the rain where one of your playmates must be saved from the villains, well, it just adds drama playing those roles, together with the punching and kicking.

Yoga! When I was a kid, my playmates and I were really fascinated with waterfalls. So when it rains, we would imagine the rain spouts as waterfalls, yes, except that it comes with dried leaves and s**ts of cats. We have our designated rain spouts, sit down there, eyes closed and just concentrate. Until we feel the coldness and the pain of the water coming down to our heads, only then that we will decide to change the game.

This one made my mom really angry – sleeping in the rain. So my friends and I will lay down our bodies beside the street, which happens to be the canal, and feel the rush of the strong waters with some particles I didn’t bother to check that time. With eyes closed, the feeling was like this phrase – “life, bring it on!” Then this climax will be disrupted by my mom – “Ian!!! madumi  dyan, tumayo ka, tatamaan ka saken!!!! (It’s dirty there, stand up or else I’ll spank you).” So the poor me will just utter, till I feel you again Life! Hoho.

It was all for fun. For the sake of laughing, and making our imaginations, a bit closer to reality.

(two more sets for this simple joy coming soon, yes, this simple joy comes in a trilogy)

Playing in the rain, the Filipinos’ way (set 1) – one simple joy of being a Filipino.

#7,101: All-time favorite Pancit Canton!

Lucky Me Pancit Canton!

The Philippines’ All-time favorite instant “Merienda” (Snack).

The Photo above was taken earlier, it was actually my pm snack. Yes, our house here somewhere in the north of Singapore feels like a Filipino home. Aside from a 100% Filipino occupancy members and “The Filipino Channel,” we were able to keep simple Filipino joys here, one of which, the Pancit Canton =) Wondering how we were able to have this here? (I believe this practice is being done by every Overseas Filipino Worker who goes back to the Philippines for a short vacation, just expect that when he/she returns back to his/her country of work, the luggage has a lot of Filipino food inside, simple joys!)

Pancit Canton is such a flexible Filipino snack:  you can eat it with bread, eat it with rice. For some, they actually invented their own version of cooking it. An instant with a twist. I remember my half-Filipino half-Japanese friend who cooks it as a yakisoba. Actually, it’s their family’s specialty: specialty at its simplest form! When they boil it on water, her family has measured the exact amount of water that just dries up while cooking it but reaches the ideal softness that it should be, then they put egg. She said it’s a yakisoba already, so I just supported her for it, we were younger then.

The simple joy it brings in random moments…

When after school, and you and your friends decided to hang out in somebody’s house, this is a top pick food option just to get through the “eating” part.

When it’s weekend and all your family members are in the house and there’s nothing to eat at 5pm, you’d probably check your kitchen cabinets and look for Pancit Canton or run to Sari-Sari/Variety Store to get one (Our #7,107th simple joy).

To sum it up, well you wont really see this in special occasions, but definitely it’s always part of the Filipinos’ snack list on a daily basis, whether you’re just starving while home alone, or with your dear family or friends while watching a tv program, trust that there’s a 3-minute instant food to save you in the Philippines. Lucky you =)

Lucky Me Pancit Canton – one simple joy of being a Filipino.

#7,102: Pinoy Pedicab!

Pinoy pedal power!

I got some friends whose houses for us to reach needed this wonderful form of transportation. So I can say how it really feels to regularly use this especially when I was in Highschool/Secondary School.

The Pedicab is also used in some other parts of the world, however, when you take a look at their pedicabs, it seems like it’s too “commercialized.” Ours is much exciting for some reasons…

Who says it can’t be too personal? There are 4 ways to identify that it’s a Pinoy Pedicab –

One: Manong (A term for Filipino men who are old) might just be your zodiac partner! Yes, his pedicab bears a zodiac sign, just verify if it’s really his, because it might be his wife’s zodiac sign.

Two: Still need more collections of Bugs Bunny? A Pinoy Pedicab sometimes would have Cartoon Characters together with the names of Manong’s dear children. Wanna have a Bugs Bunny bonding with Manong’s children? Why not?

Three: Do you need a lucky set of numbers for lottery? Need not to wait for it to appear in your dreams, just look for pedicabs and write down the numbers! Some Pinoy Pedicabs would have a “lucky” number with a nickname above it. If it’s a jersey number of Manong back when he was a Basketball Star, or a Monthsary date with his first ex-giirlfriend, that, I really don’t know.

Four: And Lastly, my favorite, the “Surname” of Manong, proudly printed on the front/back part of his Pedicab. What more? The word “Family” comes after the “Surname.” Just these two words, yet enough to keep him going.

#4 reminds us that with every kick of Manong-“just for us”-his passengers to reach our destinations will definitely result to a tiring day for him. His muscles are in pain for sure, but his heart  with simple joy, because he brings another meal to his family’s table, with all those kickin’!

Pinoy Pedicab – one simple joy of being a Filipino.

#7,103: Green Cross Alcohol

Oopppsss… Ain’t  a Red Cross Competitor.

Proudly made in the Philippines, the Green Cross Alcohol! If you were a Filipino kid, this is the last thing you want to see when wounded! This green bottle makes the Filipino kids go crazy. They would cry out loud as if putting it on their wounds would end their lives.

The simple joy it brings?

Let’s talk about the “on-the-spot nurses and rescuers and the curious crowd” in the scenario when we’re wounded…

Our dearest siblings. A rejoicing moment for them.  When we were kids, one time I remember my sister at her happiest while she’s watching our mom curing my wound with the Green cross touch. Mind you, she has her words of encouragement for me too – “awwww….saket!” (painful!). Worth watching indeed for her – my physical pain, her joy.

Yet our siblings are at their sweetest when they help give out their natural air from lungs and blow it to our wounds to lessen the pain. More often, I remember my sister doing this to me=)

Our Moms. Using this famous green bottle brings joy to them because thru this, they get a certain level of comfort that next time, we’ll be extra careful  about our actions or else, feel again the 70% Solution of the Green Cross Alcohol on your wound!

Oh yes, the Green cross scenario reminds us that there’s a family to pick you up whenever you fall on your knees. Physically and beyond=)

So what happens after a Green Cross touch? Oh well, if the Green Cross Alcohol was a pick-up line, then I think the best line that suits it would be from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith…

“Who’s your Daddy now?”

Green Cross Alcohol – one simple joy of being a Filipino.